Флоат камеры и капсулы для флоатинга. Производство, сервис

If you already have a float cabin, then you already meet some issues regarding maintenance and management of float pod, problems with water quality, and you may want to automate them. What we offer for your floating studio:

  • an automatic station for monitoring / dosing active oxygen to the water of the float tank in order not to do it manually every day.
  • enhancement of the disinfection system when, in addition to the UV sterilizer, a corona discharge ozonizer is installed.
  • if constant heating is not enough and the water temperature is not always kept at 35.6 degrees, possible to install an additional system of rapid heating between sessions with a flow heater 3 kW.
  • if corrosion has started on the corrosion-proof elements, we suggest replacing them with almost perpetual ABS plastic ones.
  • if the liner is damaged in the float cabin bowl, we suggest replacing it with a fiberglass bath with a 15-year service warranty. At the same time all your equipment remains.

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