Флоат камеры и капсулы для флоатинга. Производство, сервис

Main information

The float tank is a free-standing structure made of fiberglass, does not require additional mounting to the floor or walls.
Float cabin SENSE consists of 6 modules, design for ease enter most of the placements and doorways. Float camera is ready for any finishing according to design project. The entrance door can be located on the left, on the right and in the middle of the long side or on the short side. This must be agreed in advance before production.
The door to the floating room should be closed from inside for the calm of your client but must have the opportunity to open it from outside in a danger case.
The minimum room size: 12 m2
Dimensions of model SENSE XL: length 250 cm; width 170 cm; height 210 cm
Dimensions of model SENSE M: length 230 cm; width 135 cm; height 195 cm
Dimensions of the unit with filter and pump: 120 x 80 cm
Box with filter and pump can be placed in an adjacent room, but no further than 5 m from the float pod.


The surface of housing should be smooth and level. Check that the float bath is level and at right angle to the floor. The burden on the floor must not exceed 550 kg / m2.
The floor should be non-slip and waterproof. Vinyl flooring is required. If you use tiles, consult the seller to make sure the tile stacker is aware of the harsh nature of the Epsom salt.
Surface under float cabin is recommended to cover with a roll of foiled foamed thermal insulation to reduce vibration.

Walls and furniture

Walls should have a coating resistant to the corrosive properties of Epsom salt. It is necessary to provide a place for a storage for accessories and cleaning materials, a shelf for towels, a hanger and a chair or a bench for undressing, a wastebasket. Do not forget to hang a mirror and hair dryer.

Water supply

Float tank must have a shower or shower cabin close by. And the requirements for water supply coincide with the requirements for bathrooms and wet rooms: waterproofing of the floor, floor drain, hot and cold water supply. Water for float bath is needed only at the beginning, when you fill it (1 time per year) and in rare cases when water is added. For this you can use a water hose.
Salt solution is recommended to be changed every 6-12 months or 1000 sessions. Whole solution volume can be quickly pumped out with a submersible pump.

Electrical supply

Float cabin is connected through the Connected to a residual current device (RCD) or residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) 16 amps. Installation of the RCD and wiring should be carried out by a professional (licensed) electrician.
Float room consumes 4.2 kW at peak load when fast heating is turned on between sessions. On average, a float cabin consumes 0.2 kW.


The room lighting should be adjustable, allowing you to create soft lighting when the customer is preparing to float, and bright during cleaning or maintenance. Indoor lighting, if desired, can be combined with the lighting of the float room.

Thermal insulation and climate

Thermally insulated, drafted, soundproof and lightproof room will increase the depth of the psychological effect of floating. Good thermal insulation of the room will allow you to control easily the internal environment and reduce the cost of electricity consumption.
We also recommend installing a float cabin in a heated room. It is desirable that the air temperature in the room can be controlled and maintained at between 27-28 degrees C⁰. This is the most comfortable temperature for your client. Also, such a temperature outside the cabin will prevent the formation of steam and condensation on the ceiling of the float room.


ВExternal loud sounds can interrupt floatation experience. Windows and doors to the room should be selected with good sound insulation. Check that there is no gym or other noise source near the float room. If there is vibration in the room from the subway or working equipment, additional protection from vibration or noise is required, for example, install a float cabin on a special soft surface cover.

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