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Why composite body?

Water float capsules contain a concentrated solution of Epsom salt. As you know, any salt with time destroy most of materials. Stainless steel in salt water begins to rust, soft wood - destroyed, steel - quickly corroded. Thats all because the salt solution is a very strong oxidizing agent.

Give attention to materials modern boats and yachts are made. They constantly contact with sea salt water. Each body is made of ABS plastic and composite materials, accessories - stainless steel of very high quality and aluminum alloys. The fact is that the composite is completely inert to salt water and chemicals for disinfection. No wonder that large swimming pools are also made of composite. Most global manufacturers make float capsules of composite or acrylic.

What is the advantage of the float cabin of a composite in comparison with the camera covered with a PVC film?

  • First of all - the lifetime of the composite is from 15 to 25 years. The liner will stay 2-3 years and then replacement is required.
  • The composite will not lose its color and structure over the years. The liner will turn white and become porous after the salt concentrate.
  • The composite is not afraid of sharp objects. Scratches are easy to polish. The liner breaks and requires repair, and as a result, the float camera will be idle.
  • Composite flotarium, as opposed to lined with PVC film, can be easily disassembled and put in another room.
  • The composite itself retains 80% of the heat in flotarium. We keep the remaining 20% with additional insulation.

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